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Tastebuds Catering has become a regular at the food truck events serving their Latin American flare cuisine using local, fresh, and organic ingredients from the Winter Park Farmers Market. Dishes like quesadillas, empanadas, ropa vieja tostones, Venezuelan arepas and more, cover the menu at Food Pod and Food Truck Bazaar events. They also serve at the Winter Park Farmers Market every Saturday where you can order omelets or a breakfast special like the “hungry boy hash scrambled” lots of scramble eggs w/ ham, sausage, bacon, breakfast potatoes, topped with mozzarella cheese. Sounds like a lot of great food comes from this catering company and I got a chance to try them at a past Food Truck event.

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Ropa Vieja Tostones: Crispy Green Plantain topped with Shredded Beef, Caribbean cheese, and House Pink Sauce

The tender shredded beef has the classic Ropa Vieja flavors and placed on top of a crisp green plantain (Tostones) gives it a nice crunch and texture. The Caribbean cheese and House Pink Sauce add a blend of creamy flavors to bring it all together. No fork or knife needed, you just pick it up and eat it. I really liked these because they are easy to take a few bites of and easily sharable with others. A good amount of flavor was in each bite and its hard not to finish them off quickly.


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Tastebuds Catering
We are proud to incorporate local, fresh, and organic ingredients from “The Winter Park Farmers Market” in our menu. Find us there every Saturday.

I like the fact that they use local, fresh and some organic ingredients in their dishes. A really great way to support the local farmers market, while feeding patrons quality food and using quality ingredients.

With one dish down, I still have more of the menu to try. Empanadas, Shrimp Quesadilla, Tequeños, and The Farmers Market Sandwich to name a few. Not only does Tastebuds serve at Farmers Markets and Food Truck pods/events, they cater weddings, social events, and corporate events. Check out the website for more information and menus: www.tastebuds-catering.com

Make sure to follow them on Twitter @Tastebuds4you and ‘Like’ the Facebook Page to find out current locations and times.

Tastebuds Catering
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  • They were good, as I tried them at the now defunkt Oveido FTB, but hardly worth 7 dollars for 5 small bites.

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