The Poork Porker Beignets

The Poor Porker beignets on Saturday, March 2, 2013: (left) “The Poor Porker” bacon, maple syrup, smoked salt, powdered sugar
(right) “The Buns” cream cheese frosting, cinnamon, brown sugar

A few months ago, I saw a photo that my friend and food writer @JeffHouck posted of some bacon beignets. He assured me that these were the real deal and some, so I’ve been wanting try these bacon covered beignets ever since I saw his photos. I finally made the trip out to Lakeland, FL last Saturday and met up with my food buds, @marvinrm and Jeff, at the local Farmers Market in downtown. After placing my order at The Poor Porker stand, I watched these beignets being made: the dough was rolled out and cut, fried to order, then stuffed and topped. It was a beautiful sight.

I finally received my order of beignets, took a few photos, and started my feast. “The Poor Porker” is a staple menu item and is offered every Saturday. I loved every bite of the fried dough, bacon, maple syrup, and powered sugar. “The Buns” were the special that day, topped with cream cheese frosting, cinnamon and brown sugar. Both were excellent, but I’m in love with the “The Poor Porker” beignets with bacon. They offer the traditional beignets as well, which pairs great with the coffee they serve.

The Poor Porker is located in the middle of the Farmers Curb Market in downtown Lakeland. Look for the stand with the line waiting to order and the crowd behind it waiting to pick up. There is a wait time to receive each order (about 30 minutes that day) because each order is made from scratch, with lots of love and good ingredients. I will be posting a more in depth blog post about The Poor Porker and their story, but for now enjoy the photo above and take a trip out to Lakeland on a Saturday morning for these amazing beignets.

* The Poor Poker does travel occasionally serving their beignets at special events and festivals, so make sure to check out the links for their weekend location.

The Poor Porker
Lakeland, FL
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Where: Find them at the Farmers Curb Market (N. Kentucky Ave. & E. Pine St, Lakeland, FL 33801)
When: Saturdays from 8a-2p. Check their social media channels for current schedules and locations, they do travel at times!

Words and photos by Julius Mayo Jr.
Content and photos © 2012