Interview with Bravo’s Top Chef Fabio Viviani

Recently I had an opportunity to meet with Bravo’s Top Chef Fabio Viviani from Season 5. Chef Fabio was voted Fan Favorite during his season on the reality t.v. cooking show and was a top 4 finalist. The Chef has 2 restaurants in Southern California and a few cook books under his belt. To meet with Chef Fabio for a few photos and a quick Q&A, I attended the Southern Women’s Show at the Orange County Convention Center.

I met up with fellow food blogger Katie from at the Celebrity Cooking Stage. We were invited backstage to meet Chef Fabio Viviani. Katie and I both snapped some photos, did a quick interview, and filmed each others videos. Check out the following video, filmed by @KatiesCucina (thank you!) where I interview Chef Fabio and ask him where are some of his favorite places to eat. A few interview notes to follow…

Video notes:

– One of his favorite restaurants that Fabio mentioned in Los Angeles was Firenze Osteria, his own restaurant (nice plug Chef!)

– He mentions a few restaurants in Chicago, I will list them after the video has been viewed 333 times

– At the end of the video, we mentioned going on stage next for the cooking demo. That video will be coming soon, its in the works. Lots to edit and I will try to keep it at a reasonable time length for the video.
*Note this is my first video for the blog, first time editing in 2 years, my second time ever editing via computer (I used to edit video with VHS tapes).


(click image to enlarge)

We stayed for the cooking demo and got to see the Top Chef live in action. Chef Fabio is a funny personality and he’s great at entertaining the crowd. He was cool to talk to and more than happy to answer our questions. In his cooking, Fabio likes to simplify recipes and encourages that anyone can cook great Italian food. During the demo he makes a tomato sauce and Gnocchi from scratch, talks about ingredients, and gives tips on seasoning food. Katie and I both got to sample the Gnocchi and tomato sauce, it was very good. Soft pillowy Gnocchi in a fresh tomato and basil sauce. More in depth details in the next upcoming video.

photo taken by @KatiesCucina

Many thanks to Chef Fabio Viviani for taking time to meet with us and doing the interview. You can tweet him yourself if you have any questions @FabioViviani

Also check out his new Italian cooking series “Chow Ciao” on Yahoo!

Enjoyed the new video? Let me know what you thought via the Droolius Facebook, Twitter, or leave a comment below. Also hit up the YouTube channel and subscribe, more videos to come…

Words and photos by Julius Mayo Jr.
Content and photos © 2011

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