Philippines Fest Atlanta ’23 

The First Annual Philippines Fest in Atlanta is happening this weekend, August 12 & 13. It’s a 2-day festival with over 40 vendors dishing out authentic Filipino cuisines (food, drinks, desserts and pastries) and vendor goodies … Read More

Spicy Filipino Pork Adobo with Coconut Milk (Adobong Baboy Sa Gata)

Filipino Adobo has been a long time favorite of mine and something I grew up eating. In recent years, I’ve enjoyed exploring more types of Adobo recipes from different regions around the Philippines. To enhance its … Read More

Bourdain Day 2020

In honor of Bourdain Day 2020, I’m sharing this image of myself with an artwork of Anthony Bourdain I found at Art Basel Miami in 2018. Two years later and it’s still hard to accept that … Read More

Support local restaurants while social distancing

While we practice social distancing and staying inside, we still need to eat. When we eat local, we support local restaurants and small businesses during this uncharted time. In this video I share some tips to … Read More

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