Bourdain Day 2020

In honor of Bourdain Day 2020, I’m sharing this image of myself with an artwork of Anthony Bourdain I found at Art Basel Miami in 2018. Two years later and it’s still hard to accept that someone who guided us around the world through food and culture is no longer here. I am still inspired to travel and discover this planet through food, whenever safe traveling can happen again. I’ve been wondering the lately what would Bourdain say about the world today. How would he respond and help people get through this time of the worldwide pandemic, COVID-19 crisis, and dealing with social injustice? How can we as a country be better for each other and help each other? How can we serve our community and keep those who struggle fed? I’m sure Bourdain would have words of wisdom that would help us all…

Words and photos by Julius Mayo Jr.
Content and photos © 2020

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