Droolius 6 Year Blog Anniversary

Another year has past and this marks the sixth year of blogging for the Droolius.com, food photos that make you drool. This website is more than just a food blog. It’s a brand that features food, travel and lifestyle, constantly evolving as the brand grows stronger. In a large sea of food bloggers and Instagramers, it’s harder to stand out and make a mark in social media. That’s what challenges me everyday and keeps me going. Creating content, finding great places to eat, and sharing it with you all. While the content may take some time to appear on this website, it’s constantly being shared everyday on social media.

To continue my yearly tradition in celebrating my blog, I decided to go bigger and better, making something at home to top my previous blog anniversary posts. I present to you the Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich Cake plus an Ube Ice Cream sandwich on the side!


If you’re wondering how we ate this tower of ice cream and cookies… we ate it one bite at a time!

The Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich Cake is made with “Giant Sugar Cookies” that Lady Droolius and I baked using a Martha Stewart recipe. Six sugar cookies layered with six types of ice cream consisting of mainly Filipino ice cream and Asian ice cream flavors.

Ice Cream Flavors:
• Selecta Quezo Real (cheese ice cream) + Fruity Pebbles
• Best of the Philippines Sweet Corn ice cream
• Selecta Ube Keso (Ube purple yam and cheese)
• made-en Azuki Red Bean ice cream
• made-en Green Tea ice cream
• Talenti Sea Salt Caramel Gelato with Fruity Pebbles

The Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich on the side is made with two sugar cookies and Ube Keso Ice Cream.

You can find the Martha Stewart Giant Sugar Cookie Recipe HERE

What will we do next year to celebrate? You’ll have to come back and see. As you can see, there’s been a little update to this website as well. So many blog posts coming, so stay tuned! I’m very thankful to make it to 6 years of blogging and the opportunities that have come along the way to collaborate with others. Looking forward to another year of discovering great food and sharing it with you all.

Who’s hungry?

Words and photos by Julius Mayo Jr.
All content and photos © Droolius.com 2016

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