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The Droolius food blog will be featuring drooling food photos from restaurants in various cities: Orlando, Miami, Chicago, New York City, L.A., San Francisco, and more. Our food pictures will leave you drooling and craving for more! This food blog takes a photography stand point and provides mouth watering photos from our culinary adventures. Our hopes are to spark your interest in food and to travel to discover new foods and take pictures to capture those moments.

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The above photograph is where my passion for taking food photos was realized around 3 years ago. I was visiting San Francisco and we were at Fisherman’s Wharf doing the tourist thing, when a few of us decided to have lunch upstairs in one of the restaurants above where they have all the food stalls serving great seafood. I do not remember the restaurant’s name but I remember the moment I took this picture and I had the Sea Bass on the menu. Back then I normally grabbed my point and shoot camera for food pics, but this time I decided to take a picture with my SLR camera because the food itself looked so beautiful the way it was displayed on the plate. After I took this image, I was truly amazed how beautiful it turned out, considering I was indoors in a restaurant and only had available light from the window. From that point on I decided to continue to capture these food moments with my SLR camera at most of the restaurants I go to now. I can remember this dish tasting so delicious and looking at this image just reminds me of how we look with our eyes first then smell and taste with our senses. So this food photography blog will share those visual cues, to eat with your eyes first and have you drooling and craving with hunger. Keep coming back for more drooling images of food as we continue we share travel and food adventures around the globe…


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