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This past Monday, the Korean BBQ Taco Box opened in Orlando, FL and the information flooded the social networks with its location, menu, and photos. With many friends buzzing about this new opening, I had to go and try this long awaited food that recently hit the Orlando food scene. Korean BBQ taco trucks and food trucks in general have been available in other major cities like Los Angeles, San Fransisco, New York City, Miami and more. Finally Orlando has a food truck which will soon be famous to locals and tourist, hopefully in the future.

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I say famous in the future because the food is just great and full of flavor. All the meats are cooked to order and made fresh. The two owners are from up North, one from Virginia and the other from New York. They just moved down here and this is their first food truck. They told me they want to show the food being cooked fresh and nothing pre-cooked. That shows quality, my friends, and I hope they can keep up with it.

Located on the corner of Colonial Drive and Primrose Drive, the yellow food truck is parked in the Citgo parking lot, with a current schedule of Monday to Friday from 10am to 9pm and a possibility of weekend servings in the future.

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Korean Beef (Bulgogi) Taco Box
Taco Box comes with 2 pc fried roll, 2 dumplings, 2 rice ball, chicken with special spicy sauce and house salad w/ Ginger dressing. Taco available with spicy pork, chicken, beef bulgogi, Galbi (short rib, off the bone)

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The Taco Box comes with 1 large taco and all the sides surrounding it. The taco itself is served in a grilled flour tortilla and is stuffed with lots of grilled beef bulgogi, veggies and sauces

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The beef bulgogi is a marinated thinly sliced meat that is cooked to order with onions. The beef is flavorful and combines well with all the fresh veggies and sauce. The taco is a large portion by itself and the sides are just as filling and delicious.

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Korean Sub Box Galbi
Sub Box comes with 2 pc fried roll, 2 dumplings, rice ball, chicken with special spicy sauce and house salad w/ Ginger dressing. Sub Sandwich available beef bulgogi, chicken, spicy pork, Galbi (short rib, off the bone)

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Since I was in the area, I decided to go back for my dinner and have the Sub Box. This time I wanted to try the Galbi meat in the Sub Box. Galbi is marinated short rib, off the bone. The marinade varies a little from the beef bulgogi but the Galbi is just as tasty if not more. The slices of meat are tender and very flavorful in the sub with veggies and sauces. I’m not sure what the sauces are but there seems to be more than one.

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Ginger Salad, Fried Roll

The salad uses fresh lettuce and topped with their own Ginger dressing. Its a refreshing salad as an appetizer or helps balance the hearty meats and sides. The Fried Roll possibly may come in different varieties and this day had a beef filling topped with a cream sauce. Rolled in standard sushi fashion then deep fried, the fried roll is a great tasting accompaniment packed with good flavor.

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Rice Ball, Dumpling, Daikon Radish Kimchi

The Rice Ball is served usually in a pair and its a small meatball with rice on the outside. I like the mild flavor and its an additional element of numerous side dishes typically found at Korean restaurants. The Dumplings are nicely fried with a steamy filling of veggies. The menu lists 2 pc cream cheese dumplings so not sure if this is a variation or if the cream cheese is with the veggies. Regardless the dumplings taste good and is very similar to what I order at Korean restaurants for appetizers. The Daikon Radish Kimchi is served in a black cup and is available upon request. The daikon kimchi is medium in spice with a nice crunch and very fresh. The photo above shows the chicken wing below the other sides.

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Chicken with Special Spicy Sauce

Yet another great tasting side that is included with the Box meals, the chicken is really good with a mild to medium heat. The Special Spicy Sauce has a little bit of heat, sweet, and tang. Soon the wings will be available to be ordered by themselves and I’m sure they will be a top seller.

I went back the following day for dinner again and wanted to try the Terriyaki Box with Spicy Pork. Typically served with all the usual sides, they ran our of dumplings so they told me they gave me some extra pork with my order. That was very generous of them and I’m always thankful for something extra in place of another.

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Terriyaki Box Spicy Pork

Terriyaki Box comes with 2 pc fried roll, 2 dumplings, 2 rice ball, chicken with special spicy sauce and house salad w/ Ginger dressing. Served with rice, available with chicken, vegetable, spicy pork, beef (bulgogi)

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The Spicy Pork was delicious as well. Grilled to order and tossed with onions, the spicy pork was moist, packed with flavor and had a medium heat to it. The Terriyaki Box is definitely filling with the rice and accompanying sides. It could possibly be ordered with Galbi for a higher price so check if you are interested.

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Korean BBQ Taco Truck

The Korean BBQ Taco Truck has quickly become a favorite of mine. The food is great quality and has so many flavors and spices. It is conveniently located with some available parking. I am sure the location will start drawing the masses with a little bit of a line in the future. For now they are testing the menu and hours. Eventually, they will serve tacos themselves, but for now they are doing a great thing with serving many of their dishes in one box that provides an ample tasting for a good price. They currently plan to be open Monday to Friday, from 10am to 9pm, with Saturday evenings a good possibility. If anything, call the number listed below for more information.

*updated contact info below

Korean BBQ Taco Box – Food Truck
Colonial Drive and Primrose Drive
(Stationary Location at Citgo parking lot)

Orlando, FL

Twitter @Koreanbbq_2011
Facebook Page Facebook.com/KbbqBox

Words and photos by Julius Mayo Jr.


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