Orlando Food Truck Bazaar – Sunday Dec. 18th Fashion Square Mall – Event Details

2011 was the year of the Food Trucks in Orlando, FL. Starting with 2 gourmet food trucks back in February to currently 50+ food trucks and counting in December, this has been an explosion of new places to eat locally. These food trucks are the local restaurants on wheels in Orlando and the event that started the communities gathering together to eat, was the Food Truck Bazaar series produced by TheDailyCity.com

Could you imagine if Orlando got 50 new restaurants in 10 months? Well Orlando, you did. The food trucks are restaurants on wheels, and you cannot find such a diverse group of cuisines in one location. So let’s support our local businesses, Orlando’s “mom and pop” restaurants that this city has been so longing for. In this corporate and chain restaurant driven city, the Orlando food trucks are one of the ways to eat and support local business. What better way to experience the food than to go to the event that started the food truck gatherings. Explore the different types of great tasting food and cuisine at the Orlando Food Truck Bazaar on Sunday December 18th from 5-9pm at Fashion Square Mall.

Food Truck Bazaar
Image courtesy of TheDailyCity.com

December 18
Orlando Food Truck Bazaar
5-9pm | Orlando Fashion Square Mall (parking lot near Dillards) 3201 East Colonial Dr. Orlando, FL
More info www.TheFoodTruckBazaar.com

Check out the event photos where it started:

1st Orlando Food Truck Bazaar
2nd Orlando Food Truck Bazaar

See you all this Sunday at the Orlando Food Truck Bazaar!

Words: Julius Mayo Jr.

P.S. Respect to all of the local “brick and mortar” restaurants in Orlando, I love you guys too. This post is about food trucks though and spreading the love of food truck culture.


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