Piggy Butter & Jelly: Filipino Pork Belly Mousse with mixed fruit jelly at Oblivion Taproom

I thought I’d switch things up today. Instead of a photo of the day Monday, let’s have a Dish of the Day Monday. Over the weekend I saw an update on Facebook from Oblivion Taproom announcing a Saturday special that was a secret on the menu, Piggy Butter & Jelly: Filipino Pork Belly Mousse with Grape, Strawberry, Passion Fruit Jelly. Well that sounds like it is calling my name, the best of all worlds for someone who loves PBJ sandwiches and all types of pork.


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Piggy Butter & Jelly: Filipino Pork Belly Mousse with Grape, Strawberry, Passion Fruit Jelly on wheat bread.

Replacing peanut butter with a savory Filipino Pork Belly Mousse and pairing with a multiple combination of fruits in a housemade jelly was on point! Talk about savory, salty, spiced, and sweet… this sandwich had it all. The Pork Belly Mousse had a soft and smooth texture. The combined Grape, Strawberry, and Passion Fruit Jelly was chilled and sliced, full of fresh fruity flavors with a gentle sweetness.


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The Pork Belly Mousse had the Filipino flavor profile of lechon (slow roasted pig) with a touch of Mang Tomas sauce. If you are familiar with Filipino cuisine, then you probably understand what I’m saying. The spiced porky flavor pairs well with the sweet mixed fruit jelly and turns in into one great tasting sandwich. Just go in with an open mind and you will enjoy it like my friends who joined me that evening. While it may not be enough for a whole meal, it makes a good appetizer or something to try before one of Oblivion’s great burgers or wings.


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This is how the sandwich came out. It doesn’t look too exciting, but the flavors will win you over. If and when this Piggy Butter & Jelly sandwich is available again, make sure to order it and try it. To find out specials and secret menu items, “Like” their Facebook Page and keep an eye out for daily specials. The chef at Oblivion Taproom always switches things up and has some new creations featured everyday. The burgers, wings, and fried pork belly appetizer are good choices to try and definitely order a few of the craft beers on their large beer list.

Look for an upcoming feature on Oblivion Taproom here on Droolius. I’m sorting through all of the photos now from my multiple visits, and will be posting them in the near future.

Oblivion Taproom
5101 E Colonial Dr
Orlando, FL 32803
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Twitter @OblivionTaproom

Words and photos by Julius Mayo Jr.
Content and photos © Droolius.com 2012

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