Pastrami, Tom Green, Owling… Kenny & Denny’s BBQ @ The Plaza Live Theatre

What do Pastrami, Tom Green, and Owling have to do with each other? Not much really, but this trio was part of a fun filled night at The Plaza Live Theatre last night. I was invited by a friend to watch a live Tom Green stand up show. Not sure what to expect, I went in with an open mind and empty stomach. Luckily Kenny & Denny’s BBQ Joint is doing the concessions at The Plaza Live Theatre and I knew I was going to get some good food.

This evening I actually had two sandwiches. First I had their Pulled Pork sandwich on Texas Toast. They smoke their own pulled pork and when making sandwiches, they slather on some garlic butter onto thick slices of Texas style toast. This sandwich is one of my favorite local BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, BUT I forgot to take a picture in my ravenous state. Yes I forgot the food photo, it happens even to the best of us. Having devoured the first sandwich, I moved onto the next one, a Pastrami and cheese on Texas toast.

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Pastrami sandwich with Muenster cheese on Texas toast

My second sandwich was a warm Pastrami sandwich with Muenster cheese on Texas toast, with a smear of spicy brown mustard. The sandwich was on point! The warm pastrami and melted cheese went so well with the garlic butter on the Texas toast. They also put some Shak Nasti Cajun Honey Mustard Sauce on the side, which I dipped in and gave it some heat and a little bit of sweet. Great combination of flavors and if I had more room, I would have ordered another one.

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After stuffing myself with 2 sandwiches and a tall beer, it was time to watch the show. I sat through the opening comedian mildly amused, wondering if I would hear Tom Green’s TRL #1 hit the “Bum Bum Song.” Then Tom Green came out and started his act. He is a really funny comedian and had us laughing throughout the show.

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I’m not going to reveal his routine, but he did poke fun at people filming him and taking photos. He had a good point though, just stop filming/taking photos and enjoy the show. He has an amusing stage presence and his facial expressions were hilarious. He knows how to get the crowd involved and can roll with anything. There was even a brief period where the microphone and sound system went out, he was still cracking jokes and everyone was still entertained.

Unkowingly Owling Tom Green at The Plaza Live Theatre

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Tom Green “Unknowingly Owling”

**NOTE Tom Green was NOT purposely Owling. He did NOT say anything about Owling but this is just my observation! – Droolius

During the performance Tom Green got on this stool and continued his act. I’m not sure what he was saying but when I took the photo, it was like the current Internet phenomenon of Owling, which is the new Planking. If you don’t know what either is, just Google it.

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At the end of the performance, the crowd was cheering and everyone was happy. He was better than expected and surpassed all of the stupid t.v. humor I remember watching. He is turning 40 years old on July 30th so make sure to tweet him @TomGreenLive Happy Birthday and you saw him here on

Kenny & Denny’s BBQ Joint
Kenny & Denny’s BBQ Joint has been serving BBQ pork sandwiches and Turkey legs at the Lake Eola Farmers market for a while now. About 6 months ago then set up inside The Plaza Live Theatre to serve some pulled pork and pastrami sandwiches, arepas, popcorn, and other popular concessions and drinks.
Kenny & Denny’s BBQ Facebook

The Plaza ‘Live’ Theatre
425 North Bumby Avenue
Orlando, FL 32803-6027
(407) 228-1220
Twitter @PlazaLiveOrl

Words and photos by Julius Mayo Jr.
All content and photos © 2011

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