Droolius Chicago Video Part 1

While I was on a trip to Chicago a few weeks ago, I filmed some of my daily food adventures and we have produced the first video from the trip. Droolius Chicago Part 1 is live on the DrooliusFilms YouTube channel and features some of the restaurants and tourist landmarks that my food partner, O.D., and I visited. Check out the video below, it shows us over a span of 2 different days.


(The video is filmed in HD, so bump up the YouTube quality to 1080P if you have the bandwidth.)

In the video we visit Chicago’s Cloud Gate aka “The Bean” in Millenium Park, then we took a detour to Firecakes for donuts.

Droolius Chicago Part 1 Food & Travel

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Another day we started out celebrating National Doughnut Day with a surprise breakfast to Le’s Pho for Vietnamese food. The family woke us up at 630 a.m. to run some errands and brought us to the restaurant, which was great because I’ve never eaten Pho that early in the morning. Then we found Asian style donuts at Chiu Quon Bakery in Chicago’s Argyle Neighborhood. Our next stop was for hot dogs at the well known Hot Doug’s for duck fat fries and “Foie Gras hot dogs” (which I have featured before HERE). You’ll see me in action with my typical mini photo shoot of the food, with funny commentary by O.D. That is followed by finding more doughnuts at Dinkle’s Bakery using the Foodspotting app. We ended the day with a Filipino family party, complete with a Lechon (whole roasted pig) and classic Filipino dishes like Pancit and Kare Kare.

The funny and entertaining video edit is by O.D. and we plan to release more videos of our Chicago trip.

Thanks for watching, stay tuned for #DrooliusChicago video part 2.

Words and photos by Julius Mayo Jr.
Video edit by Odessa “O.D.”

Content and photos © Droolius.com 2013


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