Take A Virtual Trip: Discover the California Central Coast with Robert Mondavi Private Selection

Summer time is a great time for a road trip, especially down California’s coastline. A trip from the San Francisco Bay area down the coast to Los Angeles is probably the most enjoyable drive I have ever taken. The fun part is not only driving down the winding roads, but also discovering little towns in the Central Coast that have great places to eat, with many photo opportunities along the way.


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This is a photo I took back in 2009 on a road trip down the Pacific Coast Highway, Hwy. 1 driving southbound. I think we stopped every 10-15 miles to take photos, it was an amazing drive. One of the most scenic and beautiful drives in the world, going south on Hwy. 1 towards L.A. gives you mountains on your left, and beautiful deep blue ocean to your right. I highly recommend this road trip to anyone visiting California.

If you can’t make this trip down the coast this summer, luckily for you Robert Mondavi Private Selection has got you covered. They will be posting some of the best local spots of California’s Central Coast via various social media sites listed below. Check out the links and follow them through out this Summer as they uncover the hidden gems of the Central Coast on this virtual trip. They will be updating their Facebook page regularly with must stop locations, recipes, educational info about winemaking and wine tasting, and much more. Check out the info below for more discoveries in the California Central Coast.

Words and photo by Julius Mayo Jr.
Content and photos (above) © Droolius.com 2012

Discover the Central Coast with Robert Mondavi Private Selection

Robert Mondavi Private Selection is kicking off summer by taking consumers on a virtual tour of California’s Central Coast. Breaking the perception that great American wine only comes from Napa Valley, wine industry leader Robert Mondavi Private Selection puts the California Central Coast appellation on the map. Spanning from Santa Cruz County to the Santa Barbara County, the appellation represents a region which Private Selection is proud to source their grapes from.

Through the use of social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube, Robert Mondavi Private Selection will discover and share hidden gems of the Central Coast, showcasing the ‘best of’ landmarks ranging from Hearst Castle, to cafes and diners, bed & breakfasts, antique shops, vintage clothing stores, and other favorites most commonly known only to locals. These ‘locals-only’ hideouts are pure and true to California’s Central Coast culture as is Private Selection. Robert Mondavi Private Selection sources 100% of their grapes from the region’s growers – a characteristic unique to the brand and one which sets it apart from super premium category competitors.

The allure of the California coast was obvious to Robert Mondavi who believed that wine can enhance any meal and be enjoyed by everyone. The Central Coast region holds tremendous varietal quality and versatility that could be used by Mr. Mondavi as a winemaker. The result: high quality, affordable fine wine born of the best of California’s diverse growing regions. The digital tour stops at some of the least expected businesses and locations further proving that high quality food, wine, and fun doesn’t have to come at a high price.

Launching at a time when gas prices might deter folks from taking their annual summer vacations, an event that two thirds of Americans generally take, the Robert Mondavi Private Selection Central Coast tour kicks off north of Santa Cruz and heads south through Monterey Bay and San Luis Obispo. The tour wraps up in late August in the Santa Barbara County.

Food and wine enthusiasts are encouraged to check the Robert Mondavi Private Selection Facebook page daily for updates including recipes, interesting Central Coast information, and educational messaging about the winemaking and tasting process. Readers should also stay tuned to Pinterest for contest opportunities.

Robert Mondavi Private Selection
Facebook: www.facebook.com/robertmondaviprivateselection
Twitter: https://twitter.com/robertmondavips
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/robertmondavips
YouTube: www.youtube.com/robertmondavips
Official website: http://www.robertmondavi.com/rmps

About Robert Mondavi Private Selection
Robert Mondavi’s visionary pursuit of great California wines led him to the Central Coast in the 1990s because he believed that great wines begin in the vineyard. The unique geography and fascinating history of the region reveal a character as distinctive as the wines it produces.
He transformed wine culture in the U.S. by creating Robert Mondavi Private Selection as quality wines of affordable elegance. With appeal to the novice and enthusiast alike, Robert Mondavi Private Selection offers a history of success and excellence across all varietals. For more about Robert Mondavi Private Selection, including history of Robert Mondavi and information about the vineyards and winemaking, please visit www.robertmondavi.com.

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