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Everything seems to taste better deep fried. The TreeHouse Truck, which is based in Orlando, FL has a growing menu of deep fried items such as Oreos, Twinkies, & bread pudding. Now they have added an item which was very popular on its first day out, the deep fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich, topped with flambe bananas.

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Deep Fried PB&J with flambe bananas

I had one of these yesterday at the Treehouse Truck, who was parked serving brunch items at the Maitland Farmers Market. This was their first time at this location and passerbyers seem to connect with their new brunch style menu. (I will be writing up a blog post about this day & will post later.)  One of the items that everyone kept reading out loud was, “Peanut Butter & Straw Jelly Deep Fried… wow that sounds good.” I replied, “Its even better when you taste it!” There were many who ordered this deep fried concoction and they loved it. From adults to children, they were all nodding their heads “yes” and enjoyed every bite. Nice job TreeHouse Truck.

First battered and then deep fried, it creates a crispy texture and adds flavor, while making the warm peanut butter and jelly ooze a little, and it’s more enjoyable this way. Dust with powered sugar and add the flambe bananas, it just sings with familiar flavors, but just kicked up a few notches. A nice blend of crispy and soft textures, the warm peanut butter and jelly flavors are more pronounced, while the added bananas balances it all together. Definitely one of my new favorite Food Truck items I have found in Orlando.

There is a back funny back story to this, I will share another time. For now enjoy this Deep Fried PB&J and try it out at the TreeHouse Truck. Currently it is a new *special item so they may not always have it. Make sure to follow them on Twitter @TREEHOUSETRUCK and add their Facebook page to see current menu items. I’m sure if enough people order this, they wouldn’t mind keeping it on the menu permanently. *hint hint @TREEHOUSETRUCK

Words and photos by Julius Mayo Jr.
All content and photos © 2011

TreeHouse Truck

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